GBP Made Websites will be Turned Off in March 2024

GBP Made Websites will be Turned Off in March 2024

A new announcement has been made by Google in which they state that websites made with Google Business Profiles (GBP) will be turned off from 1 March 2024. Customers will be redirected to your business profile when they visit GBP-made websites. In the past, Google allowed you to make a simple website using the information on your business profile. This Google feature will be removed in the coming months and will no longer be available, meaning the websites you built using this tool will be removed.

Review Your Google Business Profile (GBP) Website

Consider looking at the pages, and checking the working of your current website. Make a comparison with the content on your Google Business Profile. If it is the same, then don’t worry. If it is different, update your GBP to add information from your GBP-based website.

Build a Website

If GBP listing functionality impacts you negatively, you should build a new website using Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, Shopify, Google Sites, or WordPress.

Consider Authority Transfer

When creating a new website, ensure the URLs of the pages are the same as your GBP-based website. For instance, your page slug should be the same on both websites.

  • GBP-based website About page URL:

  • New website URL for About page:

If not, then you should create redirects (301) to ensure visitors are redirected to the right place on your new website. It also ensures that authority on your GBP-based pages is transferred to pages on your new site.

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