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How to Setup An SEO-Friendly WordPress Website?

How to Setup An SEO-Friendly WordPress Website

If you want to improve your website traffic, then it is crucial to build an SEO-friendly WordPress website. You can find this blog useful if you want to learn about SEO practices used in WordPress websites to make them SEO-friendly. You may have heard experts saying that WordPress is SEO-friendly, that’s why people prefer choosing WordPress to start a website.

What is SEO in Website?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by SEO experts to rank a website, drive traffic to a website, generate new leads and increase the online visibility of a website. SEO is all about creating a website with optimized code and formatting to make it easy for search engines to find a website. When people search for a particular topic you write about, then your optimized content will appear in search results and with this, you will get more clicks through to your website.

How to Optimize WordPress Site SEO to Improve Performance?

You can learn a few basic SEO tips to optimize your website to boost your website traffic. You don’t need to be a technical expert to use the techniques to optimize a WordPress site for SEO.

  • Use SEO-Friendly URL Structure

SEO-friendly URL has words that explain the page content and they should be read by both search engines and humans. For instance:

https : //

Notice that this URL is readable and users can understand what your page is about. Now, look at non-SEO friendly URL:

https : //

  • WWW vs Non-WWW

If you are starting a new website, then you need to decide whether you want to use www (http :// or non-www (http :// in your site’s URL.

  • Add XML Sitemap in WordPress

An XML sitemap is used to lists every page on your website. It makes it easy for a search engine to find all your webpage content. It allows search engines to find your content quickly and rank them.

  • Include Your Website in the Google Search Console

Google Search Console is also called webmaster tools which is offered by Google to help website owners to know how their webpages are seen by the search engine. It offers data and reports to help you understand how your web pages appear in search results.

  • Optimization of Blogs for SEO

Most often, beginners make the mistake of thinking that if they have installed plugins, then it’s enough. SEO is an ongoing process and you should keep yourself up-to-date with new SEO practices to see maximum results. SEO plugins allow you to add an SEO title, meta description and focused keywords to your blog post.

  • Use Tags and Categories in WordPress

WordPress allows you to organize your blog posts by category and tag. This allows you to easily manage your content by topic and your users to find what they are looking for. Categories and tags can help search engines grasp your website’s structure and content. Beginners frequently become confused about how to best use categories and tags. Categories are intended for broad groupings of your posts. Tags describe the content of an individual blog post.

  • Internal Linking

Internal linking is crucial in a website. You should interlink your own posts with your other posts whenever possible as it will increase pageviews and users may spend more time on your website and will improve the SEO of your individual blog post.

  • NoFollow External Links

Links are helpful for search engines to know which pages are important. When you link to a website, you can pass some of your website’s SEO score to that link. Adding a “nofollow” attribute to external links informs search engines not to follow those links.

  • Image Optimization

Images are more attractive and engaging than text but they take more time to load. Therefore, you need to ensure that the images you use are optimized to load faster.


Now you can easily optimize your website for SEO. You can follow the tips mentioned in this blog and you will see an increase in your website traffic. If you need someone to optimize your WordPress website for SEO, you can also reach Nimble Technocrats.

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