OpenAI Launches Free ChatGPT Voice Command in Mobile App

OpenAI Launches Free ChatGPT Voice Command in Mobile App

OpenAI introduces free ChatGPT voice capabilities in the mobile app. Now, users can use ChatGPT’s free voice facilities in the mobile app. In this blog, we’ll check how it will have an impact on content and SEO. Let’s get started:

OpenAI Introduces Free ChatGPT Voice Facilities in Mobile App

Now, ChatGPT has added features to its voice functionality to all free users as Plus Subscriptions. Additionally, upgrades will remain paused. This new announcement will benefit content creators and search marketers to create alluring content and optimize for voice search.

Earlier, voice interaction with ChatGPT was an advantage limited to premium subscribers. However, with this latest update, now users can engage with the AI through voice commands by simply downloading the mobile app and pressing the headphones icon.

Benefits of Free Voice Command Facilities

  • The voice feature can lead to increased user interaction and offer a natural way to interact with AI.

  • It will help users who prefer voice command over writing something as they can easily access AI features.

  • This could be advantageous for creating voice-optimized content.

  • Content marketers can take benefit of this feature to create more impressive and customized campaigns, improving customer engagement and experience.

  • For search marketers, this feature allows them to explore voice search optimization. Businesses can use voice commands to improve their search engine strategies.

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