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Musk Replaces Dogecoin Logo with Twitter’s Official Blue Birdie

Musk Replaces Dogecoin Logo with Twitter's Official Blue Birdie

Elon Musk made everyone amazed when he replaced Twitter’s official logo with the Dogecoin logo on April 4, 2023. Many Twitter users assumed that it was a late April fool prank by Elon Musk. However, Twitter’s official blue birdie is back again, and users hope that it will stay this time. Musk surprised everyone by putting the Dogecoin logo for around three days because everyone expected the Doge logo to be there for a few hours.

Why did Twitter Logo change to doge?

The reasons behind changing the original logo of Twitter are unknown. However, it has been assumed that Elon Musk was trying to divert everyone’s attention from the dogecoin investor’s lawsuit that was filed against him. Though there are so many assumptions related to Twitter’s logo. However, Twitter users are happy because of the blue birdie, which is back as the logo.

What did Elon Musk say about replacing blue birdie with Dogecoin?

True to his typical form, Musk made a humorous remark by posting an old screenshot on his verified Twitter account. In the screenshot, he was engaging with a Twitter user who playfully teased him about changing the logo to a Doge. After the logo was indeed changed, Musk shared the screenshot with the caption “as promised.”

Now, we know where did it come from, but now everyone is happy to see the blue birdie back. This is a relief to many Twitter users that the Doge logo is not the permanent logo of Twitter.

It is commonly understood that Tweets were inspired by the sound of birds chirping, which was the initial concept conveyed to users. Some individuals also speculated that the platform’s doge logo implied that users were expected to bark, which was considered offensive by many who posted about it on Twitter.

The story behind Musk’s Twitter Doge

The name of the dog shown as Twitter’s logo is Kosabu and belongs to Shiba Inu, which is a Japanese breed. In 2008, the dog was rescued and adopted. In 2010, the now-famous picture was taken.

Musk’s Doge Love

  • Dogefather is nicknamed given by Elon Musk.
  • He named him a satellite Doge-1 in 2021.
  • He said that the funding of Doge-1 will be done via Dogecoin.
  • Musk announced in July 2022 that he was also the owner of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.
  • Elon Musk shared an image of his dog, Floki on February 15 and in the caption, he wrote the dog as CEO of Twitter.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk is applying new strategies to make Twitter a profitable company again. Since Musk bought the company, its value has dropped by half to $20 billion. He bought the company for $44 billion. In his latest move, he announced that blue ticks will be removed from legacy accounts by Twitter and people who will pay for the Twitter Blue subscription, will get verified. In India, Rs.600 per month is charged by Twitter for a Twitter Blue web subscription, on the other hand, mobile users are required to pay Rs.900 per month to get the blue tick.

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