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Identify Top 10 Reasons Why Google Ranking Drops Suddenly -2021 Update


Is your website traffic dropping or diving? Are you scared of a sudden drop in your website ranking? We have entered 2021, and Google will update its algorithm or launches its new algorithm, and you may face some issues as well, and sudden Google ranking dropping is one of the issues.

Don’t panic, it is a common cause, so just accept it and know the main root of why it happened. In this blog post, we have listed some important factors that will enable you to identify the reasons why is your site’s ranking dropped suddenly.

Once you identified the main cause, you can work on that to boost your website ranking again, isn’t it? In 2021, you might face some issues that can be the reason for a sudden ranking drop:

Reasons Why is Google Ranking Dropped Dramatically?

Many people get afraid when their Google ranking drops, but it happens sometimes because of various reasons. Some of the common reasons are mentioned below:
1. Google Penalty
Manual actions are enforced by human reviewers at Google when they find that your website pages are not flexible with Google’s webmaster quality guidelines. The most common reasons for Google’s penalty are: maybe the site has been hacked, the website possesses user-generated spam, negative backlinks, and thin content.
. Unnatural Links or Negative Off-Page SEO

Degradation of your website’s ranking often depends on negative SEO or unnatural links. Negative SEO often strives to decrease the ranking of a competitor’s website. Other reasons may include creating spammy and unnatural links to the website.

  1.  Spammy Unnatural Incoming Links

Maybe your website contains spammy incoming links from spammy sources. The reason can be either you have bought low-quality backlinks or your competitor attacks your website.

  1. Copied Content

When you copy content from another’s website, and Google finds stolen content first, then it can de-rank your site.

. On-Page Breach

You need to control on-page breach. It often comes when leaving low-quality content, complex internal links, or a bad user experience. When your On-page website content contains less than 300 words, again your website will rank low.

 1. User-Generated Spammy Content

Negative user-generated content often can lead to a low ranking of your website. Check out pages where you enable user-generated content to check spammy comments. Try to delete the comments or block the account.

2. Wrong Selection of Keywords
Have you ever checked whether you are using the right keywords or not? If your chosen keywords don’t fulfill the user’s intent, then it can cause problems. Even sometimes your website was ranking high for some queries, Google could change the way it understands your site’s purpose. 
3. Updated Google Algorithm
Google algorithm update can directly affect your website ranking in two ways. The first is when Google releases a new algorithm. And, the second is, when Google refreshes its known algorithms.
Google always finds new ways to enhance its strategy that’s why it consistently changes its algorithm. Because of changes in algorithm, many sites face problems like dropped ranking.
4. Deprecated Content
The heading says everything about this concept and doesn’t need much explanation. If your website contains outdated content, then you won’t be able to keep your users on your site. Deprecated content won’t be able to lure your users. Therefore, this is the reason why is Google’s ranking dropping.
One of the easiest methods to fix this problem is by updating your content with fresh content. Plus, promote your content to get website traffic.
5. Bad User Experience
The user experience matters the most for website ranking. If you are trying to rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs), then make sure to provide the best user experience. If your site doesn’t meet your user’s expectations, then how can you expect that your website can rank high?
Search engines often rely on metrics such as click-through rate, bounce rate, time spent on your site, and the number of visits, etc. Follow the following rules while optimizing your site:
. Accurate Metadata
Metadata plays a vital role in ranking, so it is essential to provide an accurate description of your content. If metadata is not engaging, then users are not going to click on it. The bounce rate will increase if your snippet offers false promises.
. Pay Attention to Content Structure

When you create an effective content structure, then your users will read your content. Try to break long text into paragraphs and give appropriate headings. This will help you to engage more with your site users to answer their questions.

. Eliminate Complex Design

Your target audience will not only look at your content, but they will also look at your website design. If you are using irritating colors, font, and design on your website, then your audience will leave your site.

6. Losing High-Quality Backlinks
When you get high-quality backlinks, then your site’s ranking increases. Similarly, when your site loses quality backlinks, then your site’s ranking starts decreasing. In case, when your quality backlinks get removed or temporarily removed, then it will not only affect website ranking but affect domain authority as well.
To maintain long-term results, try to incorporate regular backlink analysis in SEO strategy. For this purpose, make use of backlink tools so you can get detailed information about your lost backlinks.
7. Determine Competitor’s Website
When your website doesn’t get any above issue, then it simply means your competitor is working well. Try to determine your competitor’s website ranking and follow the strategy they follow. Various tools are available on the internet that can help you to analyze your competitor’s website strategy.
With the help of those tools, you can find out their keywords that rank better, backlink source, the best content, and much more. In this step, you can improve your SEO ranking for the website.
8. SEM Traffic Conflict

SEM traffic and SEO traffic sometimes get in the way of others. However, SEM traffic runs through a paid advertisement, while SEO traffic runs through organic search. In SERP, the priority is given to your ads and can steal traffic from your own organic results, which is okay.

Make sure to compare the keyword list in your PPC campaign with those that bring organic traffic. If you notice redundant keywords, then pause your PPC campaign. Because there is no meaning paying for the traffic that you are receiving for free.

9. Missing Mobile-Friendly Site

Search engines more focus on mobile-friendly websites. Therefore, make sure to make your website mobile-friendly. But it doesn’t mean your desktop site doesn’t have any contribution to ranking.

A missing mobile-friendly site can be the reason for a suddenly dropped ranking. For example, your competitor has an optimized site for a mobile device, so it can outrank you on a mobile device.

10. SERPs Change by Google

When Google changes search engine result pages, then it can impact your ranking. Google has started improving its search results with rich snippets, video clips, job ads, Q&A sections, product pages, and much more.

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If Google’s ranking drops, then it doesn’t mean you can’t rank high again. It doesn’t end over here, but all you need to go through the above reasons to check out why is Google’s ranking dropping. While reading the reasons mentioned above, you’ll come to know how you can fix them. One of the easiest things that can prevent your website from dropping is by keeping yourself up-to-date with the Google algorithm.

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