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9 Ways to Increase Website Traffic with SEO

Here are 9 Ways to Increase Website Traffic and Visibility with SEO! If you still have issues, Our SEO Services in California are always ready to help you.

For overall business growth, website traffic plays a vital role, thus it is essential to know different ways to increase website traffic. High website traffic can improve your website’s ranking and as a result, it will generate more traffic. Traffic enables you to measure marketing ways, collect audience insights, enhance search engine credibility, and gain more clients. By getting SEO services in California for your company, you can increase website traffic. They use tested and trusted SEO techniques to help you rank high.

9 Tips to Boost Website Traffic Using SEO Services

To attract more visitors to your website without paying for ads, you can use search engine optimization (SEO). This involves improving your website’s ranking on search engines by using various tactics on each webpage. To get started,

  • Research relevant keywords
  • Create high-quality content that potential customers are searching for
  • Additionally, make sure all text on your site is optimized, including image alt text and meta descriptions.
  • Your landing page copy should be concise and informative, and address common visitor questions.
  • To further improve your SEO, consider internally linking to high-ranking landing pages and externally linking to reputable sources. This not only helps with SEO but also enhances the experience of the readers.

Despite this, now let’s discuss 9 ways to skyrocket your website traffic:

1. Target Long-Tail Keywords

High-ranking keywords, latent semantic indexing and secondary keywords are all a major part of performing on–page SEO. Once you have found the right keywords, you can rank better on search engine result pages (SERPs). More specific and longer keywords might get less search traffic but they can have a higher conversion value. It is not only about website traffic you get but ensuring that traffic turns into clients. By opting for SEO in California, you can be sure that SEO experts work on the right keywords.

2. Write Helpful Content

Google wants to see unique, authoritative, informative, and fresh content on its site that provides valuable information to its users. As there is no rocket science to write successful content, it would be better to change the writing style from time to time.

  • Write compelling headlines to attract users.
  • Change the format and length of your content to check out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Make your content is attractive by using infographics, videos, images, and other visual elements.
  • Keep your content educational and helpful.

3. Use Google My Business

If you don’t have one, you need to have a Google My Business listing. It is an important factor in local SEO. Google Business Profile enables your business listing to appear in local search results for service or product-specific search queries. Professional SEO agencies are experts in creating and maintaining Google business profiles and you can also ask them about how much SEO services charge.

4. Get High-Quality Backlinks

As the name implies, a backlink is a link to your website from another website. When you get high-quality backlinks from high-authority websites, they can help you appear in front of your target audience while increasing qualified traffic to your website. Google will enhance trust in your business when it notices other high-authority websites linking to your website. For SEO services, you can ask an SEO company how much SEO services cost.

5. Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Website

Nowadays, people prefer using mobile phones to access the web. It means you have to make sure that your website is accessible across all devices. If people have to zoom in on your webpage, they will go elsewhere.

6. Use Social Media

Social media is considered the biggest marketing tool. You should use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to promote blog posts. You can turn your social media users into website visitors and then into customers.

7. Create Landing Pages

Landing pages are an effective method to create your website and get more website traffic to your website. Landing pages include information clients need to move forward and convert. You can get targeted in your messaging as it will increase the overall traffic moving to these pages. Moreover, you can find out how much is SEO services in California.

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still alive and successful email marketing can help you find the right balance of reaching people on your email list with useful and helpful content. When done in the right way, it can result in high traffic.

9. Improve Page Speed

Have you ever waited for 30 seconds for a webpage to open? Me neither. If your website takes a lot of time to load, your website’s bounce rate will be high. Be sure that your pages are technically optimized, including page structure, image file size, etc.

How much does SEO Services Cost?

The cost of SEO services in California may vary from one SEO agency to another. However, an estimated cost may range between $300 and $1,000 per day. Many SEO companies charge for SEO services on an hourly basis.


The above-mentioned ways can help you increase website traffic. Whether you have a newly built website or running a website for a few years, you can follow these methods to boost website traffic. To get SEO services in California, you can contact Nimble Technocrats.

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