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Hi! I’m Miguel “The Bakersfield Home Guy” Garcia,

Needing to sell your house quickly is stressful. I understand how it feels, because the same happened to someone dear to me. After working for the same company for 12 years, my brother was laid off without any notice. It wasn’t his fault, in fact he did nothing wrong. His company was forced out of business in the 2008 financial crisis and he was about to lose his home, his life savings and his marriage. He was the main reason I founded a team to help Bakersfield home owners during difficult times.

Fast forward to today, together we’ve bought over 90 houses and have allowed home owners to move on with their lives. If you are behind on payments, have an inherited property, are ready to downsize, or just have a house that needs a lot of work, we can help! Call us today, tell us about your situation and after looking at your property, we will make you a fair cash offer.

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