We create attractive and innovative mobile apps that work on all devices.

Improve communication with your customers, get notoriety and relaunch your sales in a simple way thanks to mobile apps. At Nimble Technocrats, we help you make any application a reality so that you take full advantage of mobility and availability in real time.

We are specialists in developing mobile applications through and also offers cloud reviews and continuous monitoring to guarantee more security, performance and adaptability. We build 100% personalized mobile apps, both native, hybrid and web, optimized for multiple platforms and accessible from any Windows and Android device.


Mobile applications help you interact with your users by creating a constantly active link

We make native applications for Android operating systems. At the end we will publish your project in the main app distribution stores (Google Play – App Store) as well as we will give you a certificate of ownership in your name issued directly by Copyright which endorses it as the sole owner of the application.

Design and interface

We incorporate graphic elements that will pleasantly impact your users, transforming the use of your application into an entire experience.

Development and Programming

The sky is the limit, if you can imagine it we can develop it. We integrate advanced functions that meet your needs.

Get closer to your customers through your own mobile application.

APP development services we offer at Nimble Technocrats

Mobile apps are the growing global trend for access to information, shopping, education, entertainment and even work. We keep abreast of this trend and focus on creating high-quality, robust and simple apps, while maintaining high performance. We will accompany you from the conception and design of the idea, to the development, deployment and continuous improvement of your apps.

Android Application Development

We design and develop native apps for Android devices from Google, which today has the largest market share and is increasing day by day.

Application Development for iPhone / iPad

We are specialists in developing native applications for iOS devices -iPhone and iPad- using the official Apple SDK that will help boost your business.

Multiplatform Application Development

With our HTML5 applications it is possible to access the app from any mobile platform and have exactly the same functions.

Why do you have to develop a mobile application?

Some of the reasons why your company should have a mobile application are:

High – Demand

The traffic generated on the Internet by mobile devices exceeds the traffic generated by PCs, having a mobile app will connect you with an audience of more than 700,000,000 users who already have mobile devices.
The development of applications, mobile apps and their download are one of the trends that dominate the current digital market and the business world. This represents for small and medium-sized companies not only a great opportunity to reach a greater number of potential clients offering them something useful and of quality, but also a necessity to be more competitive:

  • More than 65% of searches carried out on the internet are made through mobile devices.
  • A user with your application increases the probability of purchasing their products by 61%.
  • 75% of users say that the development and integration of an app in companies generates more brand confidence.


Companies naturally maximize the efficiency of their resources and processes to get the most out of them. In keeping with the growing trend in the use of smartphones, developing mobile apps for companies and organizations becomes a strategy that can bring numerous advantages.
Strengthening the brand: having a presence on mobile devices positions the brand much better.

  • Customer loyalty: offering an exclusive service through its app will make your customer identify with your brand even more.
  • Customer retention: Leveraging the app to improve the customer experience with your brand will make retention an easier process.
  • Get new customers: a mobile app will help you position your brand and get new customers from the app stores.

Great ideas inspire us. Boost your business

It all starts with exploring your idea. We offer you our experience to help you determine the feasibility of your project.

Do you need a native or hybrid application? Public or private access? To increase your sales or improve your processes?… Still don’t know?

Do not worry. Our team of experts can help you determine which technology and solutions are the most appropriate for your project to become a successful application making the best use of your budget.


If you are interested in our services, tell us your idea and we will analyze your needs in detail.
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